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Hong Kong

Store Name Address Contact no.
North Point Fit Fort Shop Nos. L44 & L53B, Lower Ground Fit Fort, North Point (852) 2117-0686
North Poing Concord Commercial Building G/F, Concord Commercial Building, Nos. 155-157 King's Road (852) 2806-2523
North Point Electric Road G/F, 100 Electric Road, North Point (852) 2570-7178
North Poin King's Road Shop B2C, Portion B on G/F, and Portion B of Basement, MTR Plaza, Hang Ying House, Nos.318-328 King's Road, North Point (852) 2570-6107
North Point Mercury Street 6 Shop A, Ground Floor, Hang Po Building, 6-8 Mercury Street, North Point, H.K. (852) 2570-1623
North Point Provident Square Shop No. B52 on Basement of Provident Square, North Point (852) 2539-7302
Central Midland Centre Shop No. G23-27, Ground Floor, Midland Plaza, 328 Queen's Road Central (852) 2805-2756
Central Wellington Street Shop nos.A-C, G/F, No. 128 Wellington Street, Central (852) 2815-0434
Caine Road 23 Ground Floor and Basement of Avon Court, No.23 Caine Road (852) 2894-8902
Sai Ying Pun Tung Che Comm Centre Shop No.1, G/F, Tung Che Commercial Centre, No.246 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun (852) 2517-6503
Sai Ying Pun Centre Street Shop A, G/F, Richsun Garden, No.51 Centre Street (852) 2857-3074
Sai Wan Cathick Street Shop 10A & B, G/F, Harbour View Garden, No. 2 Cathick Street, Sai Wan (852) 2818-5741
Des Voeux Road West Yip Cheong Building Shop no.12 & 12B, G/F, Yip Cheong Building, No. 426-428B, Des Voeux Road West (852) 2819-6408
Western Commercial Building G/F, Western Commercial Building, Nos. 29-31 Des Voeux Road West (852) 2291-6146
Sai Wan The Westwood Shop no.235, Podium Level 2, The Westwood, 8 Belcher's Street, Sai Wan (852) 2258-9151
Sheung Wan Wing Lok Street G/F and Cockloft, Nos.67 & 69 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan (852) 2545-5200
Smithfield 45 Shop G, G/F, Luen Tak Apartments, No.45 Smithfield and No.34 Forbes Street (852) 2986-4811
82 Belcher's Street Shop 7,G/F, Imperial Kennedy Shopping Arcade, No.82 Belcher's Street,Kennedy Town (852) 2506-1399
Wong Nai Chung Road Winner Building Shop B & D, G/F, Winner Building, 11-11A Wong Nai Chung Road (852) 2573-1070
Wan Chai 328 LG/F, 350-354 Hennessy Road, Cheong Ip Building, Wanchai (852) 2572-1240
Causeway Bay Sharp Street East Cockloft of No. 5 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay (852) 2576-1041
Causeway Causeway Road 8 Shop A, G/F, No.8 Causeway Road (852) 2808-1289
Wan Chai Cheong Hong Mansion Shop H & Basement, Cheong Hong Mansion, Nos. 25-33 Johnston Road, Nos.1-3 Thomson Road (852) 2528-6556
Wanchai Jade House Shop B on G/F and Mezzanine Floor of Jade House, Nos. 11-15 Fleming Road, Wanchai (852) 2537-6357
Sai Wan Ho Hing Cheong Building G/F, Hing Cheong Building, No.25 Shau Kei Wan Road (852) 2539-0928
Quarry Bay Manly Plaza Shop No.A1, Manly Plaza, No.993 King' s Road, Quarry Bay (852) 2597-5038
Shau Kei Wan Fung Yuen Building Shop A, G/F, Fung Yuen Building, Nos. 388-414 Shau Kei Wan Road (852) 2560-1741
Quarry Bay East Point Centre Shop No.7-8, Basement, East Point Centre, 1010 King's Road, Quarry Bay (852) 2563-1064
Shau Kei Wan Yiu Tung Shopping Centre Shop No. 204, 2/F, Yiu Tung Shopping Centre, Yiu Tung Estate, Shau Kei Wan (852) 2567-1102
Chai Wan Siu Sai Wan Shopping Centre Shop nos.301A, 301B & 301C, 3/F, Siu Sai Wan Shopping Centre, 10 Siu Sai Wan Road, Chai Wan (852) 2505-3773
Shau Kei Wan Hing Tung Shopping Centre Shop No.111, First Floor, Hing Tung Shopping Centre, Shau Kei Wan (852) 2560-7032
Siu Sai Wan Island Resort Mall 7 Shop No.7, First Floor, Island Resort Mall, 28 Siu Sai Wan Road, Siu Sai Wan (852) 2248-5081
Shau Kei Wan Main Street East 127 Shop D, G/F, Yee Tak House, 127 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East (852) 2967-7213
Chai Wan Walton Estate Shop Unit 2 on the First Floor of Block B of Walton Estate, Nos. 341-343 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan (852) 2758-5293
Shaukiwan Road 145 Bank A on Basement of Dollar Building, Nos. 143-145 Shaukiwan Road (852) 2567-0635
Paradise Mall Hang Fa Chuen 214 (City Lifestyle) Shop Units 214-215,Paradise Mall Hang Fa Chuen (852) 2487-0879
Quarry Bay Kornhill Plaza Portion of PARKnShop, Wet Market on Portion of M/F., Kornhill Plaza of Kornhill Development Phase II, Quarry Bay (852) 2813-7801
Ap Lei Chau Lei Tung Shopping Centre Shop No.101B, Lei Tung Shopping Centre, Lei Tung Estate (852) 2874-7347
Abedeen Wah Fu Shopping Centre Shop 1B, Wah Fu (1) Shopping Centre, Wah Fu (1) Estate (852) 2875-7052
Pok Fu Lam Chi Fu Fa Yuen Shop Nos.317A, 3/F, Chi Fu Landmark, Pok Fu Lam (852) 2875-1273
Tin Wan Ka Wo Street 15 Shop 1 & Shop 2, Ground Floor, Sun Fung Court, No. 15 Ka Wo Street, Tin Wan, H.K. (852) 2580-1314
Stanley Plaza (City Lifestyle) Shop 401, Fourth Floor, Stanley Plaza, Ma Hang Estate, 23 and 33 Carmel Road, Stanley (852) 2856-1817
Aberdeen Centre G Shop G on the First Floor, Site 5 of Aberdeen Centre (852) 2556-3736
Ap Lei Chau Marina Square 124 Unit No. 124, 1/F of Marina Square, the West Commercial Block, South Horizons, Apleichau (852) 2558-1002


Store Name Address Contact no.
Jordan Shang Hai Street Shops nos.1 and 2, G/F, Ocean Building, No.80 Shanghai Street (852) 2736-3105
Mongkok Fa Yuen Street G/F, No. 128A Fa Yuen Street (852) 2397-1270
Tai Kok Tsui Metro Harbour Plaza Shop Nos.G26-28, G/F, Metro Harbour Plaza, Tai Kok Tsui (852) 3144-3105
Mongkok Waterloo Road No. 67C, G/F, Waterloo Road (852) 2713-0408
Canton Road Go-up Commercial Building Shop B-D, G/F, Go-up Commercial Building, 998 Canton Road (852) 2626-1740
Tai Kok Tsui Ivy Street Unit A, Shop No. 1, G/F, Tai Chuen Building (Block P), Cosmopolitan Estate, 88-102 Ivy Street & 52 Kok Cheung Street, Tai Kok Tsui (852) 2787-7044
Nathan Road Bell House G/F and Basement, Bell House, Nos.525-543A Nathan Road (852) 2374-3636
Mongkok Play Field Road 5 & 5A G/F & Cockloft, No.5&5A Play Field Road (852) 2394-9866
Tai Kok Tsui New Kowloon Plaza Shop Nos. 037-038 & 047-050, Ground Floor, New Kowloon Plaza, Tai Kok Tsui (852) 2391-8718
Jardan Coronation Circle 52 Shop Nos. UG52-53 on Upper Ground Floor, Coronation Circle, 1 Yau Cheung Road (852) 2799-5166
Jordan Pilkem Street 42 Portion of Shop A, B & C, G/F and A, B & C of 1/F, Kam Ling Building, No.42 Pilkem Street, Jordan (852) 2415-6238
MTR Kowloon Station Concession KOW 86 at MTR Kowloon Station, Kowloon (852) 2728-7932
Mongkok Hoi Fu Court Shop Nos. 105 and 106A, First Floor, Hoi Fu Court, 2Hoi Ting Road,Mongkok (852) 2360-1567
Shanghai Street 366 Shop No. B & C, Ground Floor, Nos. 364 & 366 Shanghai Street (852) 2763-5202
Lime Stardom Shop No. 1, G/F Lime Stardom, Nos. 3 and 19 Larch Street (852) 2347-3108
Mongkok Sai Yee Street 155 Flat C on Ground Floor, Pak Po Mansions, No. 159 -161Sai Yee Street, Mongkok (852) 2269-5118
Sham Shui Po Dragon Centre Unit No. 409, 4/F, Dragon Centre, 37K Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po (852) 2958-1126
Lai Chi Kok Banyan Mall Shop No.13A & 13B, 1/F, Banyan Mall, No.863 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan (852) 2274-7044
Sham Shui Po Fu Cheong Shopping Centre Shop No.101, 1/F, Fu Cheong Shopping Centre, Fu Cheong Estate, Sham Shui Po (852) 2267-4496
West Kowloon Olympian City 1 Shop No.UG12, UG/F, Olympian City 1, West Kowloon (852) 2271-4251
Un Chau Street Southern Lodge Shop 1, G/F, Southern Lodge, No.364 Un Chau Street (852) 2386-1243
Lai Chi Kok The Pacifica Mall Shop No.96, 2/F, The Pacifica Mall, No.9 Sham Shing Road, Lai Chi Kok (852) 2264-9015
Cheung Sha Wan One New York Shop No.1, G/F, One New York, No. 468 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan (852) 2745-1140
Cheung Sha Wan Lei Cheng Uk Shopping Centre Shop 107, First Floor, Lei Cheng Uk Shopping Centre, Lei Cheng Uk Estate (852) 2720-1780
Sham Shui Po Un Chau Street 37 G/F, No. 37 Un Chau Street, Sham Shui Po (852) 2708-2001
Mei Foo Sun Chuen Stage 1 Shop No. 33 Podium Floor, 69-119 Broadway, Stage 1, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kln. (852) 2786-9091
Castle Peak Road 92 Ground Floor, Richview Mansion, 92 Castle Peak Road (852) 2433-5838
Fortune Shopping Centre Shop Nos. 12, 13 and 14, Ground Floor, Fortune Shopping Centre Fortune Estate, Cheung Sha Wan (852) 2784-7812
Cheung Sha Wan Un Chau Estate F13 EPO Gifts & Stationery Un Chau Shopping Centre,Un Chau Estate,303 Un Chau Street,Cheung Sha Wan (852) 2771-9736
Sham Shui Po Nam Cheong Centre Shop Nos. 17-19 G/F., Nam Cheong Centre, 89 Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po (852) 2772-1978
Tsim Sha Tsui Austin Road G/F, No.110 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (852) 2317-7134
Tsim Sha Tsui Mirador Mansion Shop nos.27A-31A, Basement, Mirador Mansion, No.58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (852) 2366-2357
Tsimshatsui Austin Tower Portion of Lower Ground Floor of Phase 1 of Austin Tower, 22-26 Austin Avenue, Tsimshatsui (852) 2789-2197
Tsim Sha Tsui Granville Road 2B 2B,1/F, Hilton Towers, No.96 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East (852) 2723-5641
Lam Tin Kai Tin Shopping Centre Shop No. 231, 2/F, Kai Tin Shopping Centre, Lam Tin (852) 2379-9141
Ngau Chi Wan Choi Wan Shopping Centre Shop No.B302, 3/F, Choi Wan Shopping Centre Phase III, Choi Wan (I) Estate, Ngau Chi Wan (852) 2331-9445
Kowloon Bay Kai Yip Estate Shop No.9, G/F, Kai Lok House, Kai Yip Estate, Kowloon Bay (852) 2754-1012
Yau Tong Lei Yue Mun Plaza Shop No.215, 2/F, Lei Yue Mun Plaza, 80 Lei Yue Mun Road, Yau Tong (852) 2340-0152
Kwun Tong Tsui Ping Estate Shop no.4C, M1 Level, Tsui Tsz House, Tsui Ping (North) Estate, Kwun Tong (852) 23490-093
Kwun Tong Shun Lee Shopping Centre Shop nos. P15-P17, 3/F, Shun Lee Shopping Centre, Shun Lee Estate, Kwun Tong (852) 2793-0772
Ngau Tau Kok Road Luen On Street Mezzanine Floor, Nos.301 & 303 Ngau Tau Kok Road & Nos.1,3,5 & 7 Luen On Street (852) 2342-9661
Ngau Tau Kok Choi Tak Shopping Centre; Shop no.501-2, Fifth Floor, Choi Tak Shopping Centre, Ngau Tau Kok (852) 2420-4808
Yau Tong Yau Lai Shopping Centre Shop 101, Yau Lai Shopping Centre, Yau Tong (852) 2812-2758
Lam Tin Tak Tin Shopping Centre 201 Shop nos.201-202 & 224, 2/F, Tak Tin Shopping Centre, Tak Tin Estate, Lam Tin (852) 2349-8227
Kwun Tong Shui Wo Street 50 Flat A, G/F, Flats A, C and E on M/F, Nam Tai Mansion, Nos.50-68 Shui Wo Street (852) 2304-1008
Lam Tin Kwong Tin Shopping Centre Shop No.101B, First Floor, Kwong Tin Estate, Pik Wan Road, Lam Tin (852) 2205-6736
Ngau Tau Kok Tak Bo Garden 221 Shop Nos.221, 222 and 225 on the First Floor of TBG Mall, Tak Bo Garden, 3 Ngau Tau Kok Road (852) 2754-1045
Yau Tong Domain (City Lifestyle) Shop No. 222 on Second Floor, Domain, Yau Tong (852) 2752-9561
Ngau Tau Kok Lok Wah (North) Shopping Centre 102 Shop Nos. 102, 103, 104 and 105, G/F, Lok Wah (North) Shopping Centre, Lok Wah South and North Estate, No.70 Chun Wah Road, Ngau Tau Kok (852) 2706-0096
Kwun Tong Po Tat Shopping Centre Shop No.5, Ground Floor, Po Tat Shopping Centre, Po Tat Estate, Kwun Tong (852) 2337-5699
Laguna Plaza B8 Shop No. B8, Basement One, Laguna Plaza, No. 88 Cha Kwo Ling Road, Kwun Tong (852) 2717-9196
Choi Hung Eatate Shop No.47 Chui King House, Choi Hung Estate (852) 2348-8576
Kwun Tong Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre Shop212, Second Floor, Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre, Sau Mau Ping Estate, Kwun Tong (852) 2793-9553
Kwun Tong On Tat Shopping Centre Shop No. UG04,On Tat Shopping Centre,On Tat Estate, Kwun Tong (852) 2385-0063
Kwun Tong East Sun Industrail Centre Portion of D5,D10,& D11of Unit D,Block G&H,G/F,East Sun Industrail Centre,No.16 Shing Yip Street,Kwun Tong (852) 2467-6328
Lam Tin Ping Tin Shopping Centre Shop No. 225, Second Floor, Commercial/Car Park Block, Ping Tin Estate, Nos.18 and 23 on Tin Street, Lam Tin (852) 2205-6760
Ngau Tau Kok Amoy Plaza Shop Nos. F88 & 90, F96 & 98, 117, 117A & 118, 1/F., Amoy Plaza of Amoy Gardens, Phase 1, 77 Ngau Tau Kok Road (852) 2343-4263
Tse Wan Shan Shop No. 634-637, 6/F, Tse Wan Shan Shopping Centre, Tse Wan Shan (852) 2267-6031
Diamond Hill Fung Tak Shopping Centre Shop 217-218, Fung Tak Shopping Centre, Fung Tak Estate, Diamond Hill (852) 2324-8021
Diamond Hill Fu Shan Estate Shop no.11, G/F, Fu Yan House, Fu Shan Estate, Diamond Hill (852) 2352-1012
Wong Tai Sin Fei Fung Street G/F, Shop A2, On Lee Bldg., 41-53 Fung Tak St. & 9-15 Fei Fung St., Wong Tai Sin (852) 2352-1148
Wong Tai Sin Chuk Yuen South Shopping Centre Shops S203 & S204, Chuk Yuen Plaza, Chuk Yuen Estate (852) 2325-0344
Lok Fu Plaza Shop Nos.2120 & 2121, Second Floor, Lok Fu Plaza, Lok Fu Estate (852) 2778-1952
Wong Tai SinTemple Mall South Shop No. 121, Level 1, Temple Mall South, Lower Wong Tai Sin (2) Estate (852) 2625-1716
Kowloon City Lion Rock Road Shop 1, G/F, No.1 Lion Rock Road (852) 2716-0071
San Po Kong Shung Ling Street Shop 2-3, On Ground Floor, Shung Ling Building, 69-75 Shung Ling Street (852) 2352-1276
Kowloon City Plaza B103 Shop B103, B105 & B105A, Basement One Floor, Kowloon City Plaza, No.128 Carpenter Road, Kowloon City (852) 2382-7382
Kowloon City Ching Long Shopping Centre B013 Shop B013, Ground Floor, Ching Long Shopping Centre, Kowloon City (852) 2509-9975
Kowloon City Ching Long Shopping Centre A015 Shop No. A015, G/F (Zone A) Ching Long Shopping Centre, 28 Shing Kai Road, Kowloon City (852) 2755-3190
Hung Hom Whampoa Garden Shop 16, G/F of the Commercial Podium of Site 12 of Whampoa Garden, Hunghom (852) 2363-6359
To Kwa Wan Jubilant Place Shop No. 35 & 36, G/F, Jubilant Place, 33 Ma Tau Kok Road, Tokwawan (852) 2633-8485
Hung Hom Baker Street Shop 7D, G/F, Baker Street, Hung Hom Bay Centre, Hung Hom (852) 2303-0169
Ma Tau Chung Road Fokon Building Shop 7A, 7B & Rear Portion Shop 8A, 8B, 8C, G/F Fokon Bldg, 90-98D, Ma Tau Chung Road (852) 2714-7698
To Kwa Wan Hung Fook Street G/F, 19 Tokwawan Road, Tokwawan (852) 2333-6452
To Kwa Wan Road 74A G/F, No.72A, 72B, 72C & 74A, To Kwa Wan Road (852) 2356-7533
Ho Man Tin Plaza 304 Shop no. 304, 3/F, Ho Man Tin Plaza, 80 Fat Kwong Street, Ho Man Tin (852) 2242-0214
Ho Man Tin Celestial Place (City Lifestyle) Shop nos.7A & 7B, First Floor, Celestial Place, Celestial Heights, No. 80 Sheung Shing Street (852) 2469-0133
Ho Man Tin Oi Man Shopping Centre F15 Shop no.F15, F16 and F17, First Floor, Oi Man Shopping Centre, No.60 Chung Hau Street (852) 2768-9081
Ma Tau Kok Grand Waterfront Plaza 126 Shop 126, 1/F, Grand Waterfront Plaza, 38 San Ma Tau Street, Ma Tau Kok (852) 2706-2661
To Kwa Wan Ma Hang Chung Road 3 Shop 3, G/F, Chung Hwa Building & Kiu Shing Building, Nos. 3A-3C, 5, 5A-F, Ma Hang Chung Road, Nos. 55-65 Pau Chung Street, Tokwawan (852) 2782-0309

New Territories

Store Name Address Contact no.
Tuen Mun New Town Shop 313, 3/F, New Town, Mansion Commercial Complex, Tuen Mun (852) 2441-7083
TTuen Mun Venice Garden Shops Nos.3, 5 & 6, Upper Ground Floor, Venice Gardens, No.12 Leung Tak Street, Tuen Mun (852) 2454-1928
Tuen Mun Hong Lai Garden Shop No. 49, Ground Floor, Hong Lai Garden, Nos. 117-157 Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Nos. 141-145 Ho Pong Street and Nos. 2A-2I Tsing Yin Street, Tuen Mun (852) 2441-0596
Tuen Mun Chi Lok Fa Yuen Shop 66B, G/F, Chi Lok Fa Yuen, Tuen Mun (852) 2441-6146
Tuen Mun Shan King Shopping Centre Shop No. 107-108, Shan King Shopping Centre, Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun (852) 2465-3305
Sun Tuen Mun Shopping Centre Shop nos.121-124, Level 3, Sun Tuen Mun Shopping Centre, Tuen Mun (852) 2464-1372
Tuen Mun Hanford Plaza Shop Units 211-212, Hanford Plaza, No. 333 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun (852) 2640-9032
Leung King Shopping Centre 301 Shop Nos.L301, L302, L303 and L304, Level 3, Commercial/Car park Block (also Known as Leung King Shopping Centre ), Leung King Estate, No.31 Tin King Road, Tuen Mun (852) 2464-2199
Tuen Mun Ocean Walk Shop 38, 1/F, Ocean Walk, Pierhead Plaza, 168-236 Wu Chui Rd, Tuen Mun (852) 2760-0375
Tseng Choi Street 15 Portion A of Shop 20, Ground Floor, Kam Men Mansion, No.15 Tseng Choi Street, Tuen Mun (852) 2415-6108
On Ting Shopping Centre Shop No. N-124, Ground Floor, On Ting Shopping Centre, 2A Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Tuen Mun (852) 2670-2820
Tuen Mun Siu Hong Station MTR Station Shop SIH 32 at Siu Hong Station (852) 2459-8528
Tuen Mun Butterfly Estate Shop Nos. L-L332, Level 3, Butterfly Plaza, Butterfly Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories (852) 2480-1882
Tuen Mun Chelsea Heights Shop Nos. 203-205 on Level 2,Chelsea Heights,1Shek Pai Tau Path,Tuen Mun (852) 2528-5166
Tuen Mun Tai Hing Shopping Centre Shop L202, 1/F., Tai Hing Shopping Centre, Tai Hing Estate, Tuen Mun (852) 2468-3481
Tuen Mun Fu Tai Shopping Centre Shop No 210A , Second Floor, Fu Tai Shopping Centre,Tuen Mun (852) 2366-6476
Tuen Mun Station of MTR Shop No. TUM 12-13 at Tuen Mun Station of MTR (near exit D) (852) 2348-5622
Ma On Shan Yiu On Shopping Centre Shop G117, Yiu On Shopping Centre, Yiu On Estate, Ma On Shan (852) 2631-1241
Tai Wai Mei Tin Shopping Centre Shop 105, 1/F, Mei Tin Shopping Centre, Mei Tin Estate, Tai Wai (852) 2634-5423
Shatin Hin Keng Estae Shop No. 201, 1/F, Wing A, Hin Keng Shopping Centre, Hin Keng Estae, 69 Che Kung Miu Road, Shatin (852) 2605-2101
Tai Wai Grandeur Garden G/F, Shop nos.16-17 Grandeur Garden, 55-65 Tai Wai Road, Tai Wai (852) 2609-0711
Shatin Royal Ascot Commercial Complex (City Lifestyle) Shop G38, G/F, Royal Ascot Commercial Complex, 1 Tsun King Road, Shatin (852) 2662-9435
Shatin Lek Yuen Shopping Centre Shop No.2, Upper Shopping Level Floor, Lek Yuen Plaza, Lek Yuen Estate, 6 Lek Yuen Street, Shatin (852) 2681-0776
Shatin Pok Hong Estate Shop No. 4, G/F, Pok Yue House, Pok Hong Estate, Shatin (852) 2637-2940
Shatin Wo Che Shopping Centre Shop No. 228, 2/F, Wo Che Shopping Centre, Wo Che Estate, Shatin (852) 2602-1025
Tai Wai Sun Chui Shopping Centre Shop nos.20 & 21, 2/F, Sun Chui Shopping Centre,Sun Chui Estate, Tai Wai, Shatin (852) 2681-1525
Shatin Chun Shek Shopping Centre Shop no.20, 1/F, Chun Shek Shopping Centre, Chun Shek Estate, Shatin (852) 2607-3130
Shatin Yu Chui Shopping Centre 117 Shop no.117, 1/F, Yu Chui Shopping Centre, Yu Chui Court, 2, 6, 8 Ngau Pei Sha Street, Shatin (852) 2145-7391
Shatin Jat Min Chuen Shop Nos.1&3, G/F, Ming Yiu Lau, Jat Min Chuen (852) 2697-5302
Shatin Pok Hong Commercial Centre 206 Shop No. 206, Pok Hong Commercial Centre, Pok Hong Estate, Shatin (852) 2467-8313
Fotan Jubilee Square Shop Nos. 323B and 326 on 3rd Floor, Jubilee Square, 2-18 Lok King Street, Fotan (852) 2609-0061
Ma On Shan Plaza 347 Shop no.347, 348 and 348A on Level 3, Ma On Shan Plaza, 608 Sai Sha Road, Ma On Shan (852) 2630-9735
Ma On Shan Heng On Shopping Centre 406 Shop No. 406, 4/F, Heng On Shopping Centre, Heng On Estate, Ma On Shan, Shatin (852) 2633-1746
Ma On Shan Chung On Shopping Centre 131 Shop Nos. 131 and 132C, 1/F.,, Chung On Shopping Centre, Chung On Estate, Shatin, Ma On Shan (852) 2633-1435
Ma On Shan Lee On Shopping Centre L201 Shop No. L201, LG/2, Lee On Shopping Centre, Lee On Estate, Ma On Shan (852) 2633-4243
Mei Lam Shopping Centre S2 Shop No. S2, Second Floor,Mei Lam Shopping Centre, Mei Lam Estate, 30 Mei Tin Road, Tai Wai (852) 2617-2072
Shatin Shui Chuen O Plaza Shop No. 201, 2/F., Shui Chuen O Plaza, Shui Chuen O Estate, Shatin (852) 2790-1002
Shatin Kwong Yuen Shopping Centre Shop No. 1,2 and 3, G/F., Kwong Yuen Shopping Centre, Commercial Block 5, Kwong Yuen Estate, Shatin (852) 2419-6603
Shatin Fortune City On Plus Shop Nos. G21, G105 and G107 on G/F., Fortune City One Plus, City One Shatin (852) 2656-2993
Shatin Lung Hang Shopping Centre Shop No. 215A, Level 3, Lung Hang Shopping Centre, Lung Hang Estate, Shatin (852) 2535-8377
Ma On Shan Sunshine City Plaza Shop No. 3E-17 on Level 3, Sunshine City Plaza, Ma On Shan (852) 2970-5778
Tai Po La Fontaine Shop no.5, G/F, Commercial Podium, La Fontaine, 6 Chui Lok Street, Tai Po (852) 2411-0386
Tai Po Tai Wo Estate Shop S305-S306, On Wo House, Tai Wo Estate, Tai Po (852) 2650-1051
Tai Po Uptown Plaza Shop 072-073, 1/F., Uptown Plaza, Tai Po (852) 2653-1073
Tai Po Tai Yuen Shopping Centre Shop No. 2-4, Tai Yuen Shopping Centre, Tai Yuen Estate, Tai Po (852) 2667-2411
Tai Po Kwong Fuk Shopping Centre Shops P301, P302 & P303, Level 5, Kwong Fuk Shopping Centre, Kwong Fuk Estate, 28 Plover Cover Road, Tai Po (852) 2650-1060
Tai Po Fu Heng Shopping Centre Shop No.19, G/F, Fu Heng Shopping Centre, Fu Heng Estate, Tai Po (852) 2666-5792
Tai Po Plaza Portion (New Shop 3) of Cinema I (Otherwise known as Commercial Unit 5), Level One, Tai Po Plaza, No.1 On Tai Road (852) 2667-1907
Tai Po Tai Wing Lane 6 Shop A, G/F & Cockloft, Wing Lok Mansion, Nos. 6 & 8 Tai Wing Lane, Tai Po (852) 2653-0730
Tai Po Fu Shin Shopping Centre Shop Nos. F101,102and F103, First Floor, Fu Shin Shopping Centre, Fu Shin Estate (852) 2970-5866
Tsing Yi Greenfield Garden Shop G19, G21-G26, G/F, Greenfield Garden Phase 2, Tsing Yi (852) 2435-4114
Tsing Yi Rambler Plaza Shop 10 & 11, On Level 1, Rambler Plaza, 1 Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi (852) 2433-9367
Tsing Yi Tsing Yi Garden Shop No.14H, 1/F, Tsing Yi Garden, Nos.7-19 Tsing Luk Street, Tsing Yi (852) 2431-9121
Tsing Yi Cheung Hang Shopping Centre Shop No. OT 201, Second Lower Ground Floor, Cheung Hang Shopping Centre, Cheung Hang Estate, Tsing Yi (852) 2431-0006
Tsing Yi Cheung Fat Shopping Centre Shop no.306-308, 3/F, Cheung Fat Shopping Centre, Cheung Fat Estate, Tsing Yi (852) 2497-2771
Tsing Yi Station Concession TSY 208 at Tsing Yi Station (852) 2497-2373
Tsing Yi Shopping Centre Shop No.7, First Floor, Tsing Yi Shopping Centre, Tsing Yi (852) 2435-3278
Fanling Flora Plaza Shopping Arcade Shop No. A96, A97, A98, A102, A103, A104, A105 & A108, 1/F, Flora Plaza, Fanling (852) 2947-5581
Fanling Centre Shop Nos. 237-242 on First Floor of Fanling Centre, Fanling (852) 2639-9830
Fanling Regentville Shopping Mall Shop nos. 18-19, Level 1, Regentville Shopping Mall, 8 Wo Mun Street, Luen Wo Hui, Fanling (852) 312-54275
Fanling Ka Fuk Shopping Centre Shop 105, 106 and 107, First Floor, Commercial / Car Park Block, Ka Fuk Estate (852) 2675-9097
Fanling Avon Park Shopping Mall Shop 18B, UG/F, Avon Park, 15 Yat Ming Road, Fanling (852) 2297-0928
Fanling Yung Shing Shopping Centre Shop 9-10 and 11F, G/F, Yung Shing Shopping Centre, Yung Shing Court, 8 Fai Ming Road, Fanling (852) 3124-6625
Fanling Wah Sum Estate R126 Shop Nos. R126, R127, R128 and R122A, First Floor, Commercial / Car Park Block(also known as Wah Sum Shopping Centre), Wah Sum Estate, 18 Tat Ming Road, Fanling (852) 2887-1173
Yuen Long Citimall Plaza Shop Nos.19-26 & 66-67, 1/F, Citimall Plaza, 1 Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long (852) 2479-8490
Tin Shui Wai Tin Yan Shopping Centre Shop 115-116, 1/F, Tin Yan Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Wai (852) 2254-4032
Tin Shui Wai Kingswood Ginza Shop 108-109, 1/F., Phase II, Kingswood Ginza, 12-18, Tin Yan Road, Tin Shui Wai (852) 2448-6375
Tin Shui Wai Kingswood Richly Plaza Shop Nos. A139-A141, G/F, Kingswood Richly Plaza, 1 Tin Wu Road, Tin Shui Wai (852) 2146-1271
Yuen Long Plaza Shop Nos. 307-312, 3/F, Yuen Long Plaza, 251 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long (852) 2479-2156
Yuen Long Palm Springs Commercial Centre Shop G8, G8A & Common Corridor, Palm Springs Commercial Centre, Yuen Long (852) 2471-2400
Yuen Long Castle Peak Road Portion of G/F Shop 2 & 1/F., O.T.B. Building Yuen Long, 95-97 Castle Peak Road Yuen Long, Yuen Long (852) 2623-3429
Yuen Long Long Ping Shopping Centre Shop No. L201, Second Floor, Long Ping Shopping Centre, Long Ping Estate, Yuen Long (852) 2352-6018
Yuen Long Hung Fuk Shopping Centre Shop No. 2, G/F., Hung Fuk Shopping Centre, Hung Fuk Estate,Yuen Long (852) 2453-1678
Tin Shui Wai Tin Shing Shopping Centre Shop No. L103, 1/F., Tin Shing Shopping Centre, Tin Shing Court, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long (852) 2677-3616
Tin Tsz Estate,Tin Tze Shopping Centre Shop Nos. 107 & 108, First Floor, Tin Tze Shopping Centre, Tin Tsz Estate, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long (852) 2677-8070
Tin Shui Wai Tin Chak Shopping Centre 217 Shop 217,2/F Tin Chak Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Wai (852) 2563-8781
Yoho Mall II Shop No. A113 on Level 1,YOHO Mall II,Yuen Long (852) 2679-0709
Tin Shui Wai T Town North Shop No. N222, N223 and N224, Second Floor, T Town North , Tin Yuet Estate (852) 2360-2101
Yuen Long Tin Shui Shopping Centre Shop No. L111, 1/F, Tin Shui Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Estate, Tin Shui Wai (852) 2643-9132
Yuen Long Yuccie Square Shop No. 35, G/F., Yuccie Square, No. 38 Yuen Long On Ning Road, Yuen Long (852) 2461-1500
Sheung Shui Tin Ping Estate Shop No.123, Ground Floor, Tin Ping Shopping Centre, Tin Ping Estate, Sheung Shui (852) 2672-4614
Sheung Shui Ching Ho Shopping Centre Shop No.7, Ching Ho Shopping Centre, Ching Ho Estate, Sheung Shui (852) 2668-1140
Sheung Shui San Fung Avenue 82 Shop no. A, G/F & Cockloft, Chuen Wo Building, Nos. 82A-82D San Fung Avenue, Shek Wu Hui (852) 3124-0393
Sheung Shui Choi Yuen Estate Shop nos. 310, 312, 314 & 316, Third Floor, Choi Chu House, Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui (852) 2672-7973
Sheung Shui Centre Shop No. 2037B, Level 2, Sheung Shui Centre, Sheung Shui (852) 26559387
Sai Kung Fuk Man Road 42 Shop 8-10, Ground Floor, Sai Kung Building, Sai Kung (852) 2791-5485
Tsuen Wan Smartland Shops Nos. 13 and 13A, Ground Floor, Smartland, No. 16 Tsuen Wah Street, Tsuen Wan (852) 2439-4071
Sham Tseng Lido Garden Shop Nos. 6A and 6B, G/F, Lido Garden, Nos. 41-63 Castle Peak Road, Sham Tseng (852) 2491-4023
Tsuen Wan Hoi Pak Street Moon Lok Dai Ha G/F, Shop 1, Moon Lok Dai Ha, 50 Hoi Pak Street, Tsuen Wan (852) 2411-0145
Tsuen Wan Far East Bank Tsuen Wan Building Shops A & B, G/F, Far East Bank Tsuen Wan Building, Nos. 135-143 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan (852) 24061054
Tsuen Wan Shek Wai Kok Estate Shop Nos.211-212, Second Floor, Shek Fong House, Shek Wai Kok Estate, Tsuen Wan (852) 2492-2291
Tsuen Wan Belvedere Square Shop 3, G/F, Belvedere Square, Belvedere Garden, Phase III, No.625 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan (852) 2402-9329
Tsuen Wan Citywalk 2 Shop nos.113, 115-117, First Floor, Citywalk 2, Tsuen Wan (852) 2554-0722
Tsuen Wan Centre Shopping Arcade Phase 2 Shop No. 15B, G/F, Tsuen Wan Centre Shopping Arcade Phase 2, No.87-105 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan (852) 2493-0577
Tsuen Wan Chung On Street 83 No.83 G/F and 83, 85 1/F, Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan (852) 2407-4873
Tsuen Wan Riviera Shopping Centre Shop S8C, 1/F, Riviera Shopping Centre, Podium D, Rivera Gardens, Tsuen Wan (852) 3145-0007
Tsuen Wan Plaza 530 Shop No. 530, Level 5, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Wan (852) 2405-1066
Belvedere Garden Phase 3 (City Lifestyle) Shop No. 21 on the Ground Floor of Belvedere Square, Belvedere Garden Phase 3, Tsuen Wan (852) 2759-6233
Tsuen Wan Discovery Park Shopping Centre 3020 Shops 3020 and 3021, Level 3 of Discovery Park Shopping Centre,Tsuen Wan (852) 2487-7032
KOLOUR-Tsuen Wan Shop No. 1011-1014, 1/F., KOLOUR-Tsuen Wan 1, No. 68 Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan (852) 2944-9254
Kwai Chung Lei Muk Shue Shopping Centre Shop Nos.13-16, G/F, Lei Muk Shue Shopping Centre, Lei Muk Shue Estate, Kwai Chung (852) 3446-9031
Kwai Chung Estate Shopping Centre Shop 211-212, 2/F, Kwai Chung Shopping Centre, Kwai Chung (852) 2279-4374
Kwai Chung Shek Lei Shopping Centre Shop No. 202, 2/F, Shek Lei Shopping Centre, Phase II, Kwai Chung (852) 2420-1058
Kwai Chung Plaza Shop 817-820, Shop A23a, G/F, Kwai Chung Plaza, 7-11 Kwai Foo Road, Kwai Chung (852) 2420-7043
Kwai Chung Kwai Shing East Shopping Centre Shop Nos.117 & 119, 1/F, Kwai Shing East Shopping Centre, Kwai Chung (852) 2406-0247
Kwai Chung Shek Yam Shopping Centre Shop no.LG105, LG1, Shek Yam Shopping Centre, Shek Yam Estate, Kwai Chung (852) 2682-5080
Kwai Chung Kwai Sing Centre Shop nos.77A, 80-82, 83A-83B & 84, G/F, Kwai Sing Centre, No.412 Castle Peak Road,Kwai Chung (852) 2422-6355
Kwai Chung Sun Kwai Hing Plaza Shop nos.35-36 & 37B, 2/F, Sun Kwai Hing Plaza, Kwai Chung (852) 2428-7117
Nob Hill Square Shop nos.132-134, First Floor, Nob Hill Square, 8 King Lai Path, Kwai Chung (852) 2991-4342
Kwai Chung Cho Yiu Centre Shops C201, C203 & C205, 2/F, Block C at Cho Yiu Centre, Kwai Chung (852) 2785-9321
Kwai Chung Tai Wo Hau Commercaial Centre 1 Shop No.C15, Second Floor, Commercial/Car Park Block (also known as Tai Wo HauEatste, 15 Tai Wo Hau Road, Kwai Chung (852) 2567-1156
Kwai Chung Hang King Shopping Arcade Shop 107-9, 1/F of Hang King Shopping Arcade ,9 Wing Fong Road, Kwai Chung (852) 2762-1906
Lei Muk Shue II Estate No 5 Shop Nos.4 & 5, Block 2, Lei Muk Shue (2) Estate (852) 2440-1638
Kwai Chung On Yam Estate Shop Nos.111A and 111B, First Floor, Commercial Centre, On Yam Estate, 7 On Chak Street, Kwai Chung (852) 2448-9186
Kwai Hing Shopping Centre Shop No.9A, G/F, Kwai Hing Shopping Centre, No.2 Wo Kwai Lane, Kwai Hing (852) 2458-1121
Kwai Chung Shopping Centre Shop 111, Podium Level 1, Kwai Chung Shopping Centre, Kwai Chung (852) 2791-5722
Tseung Kwan O Metro Town Shop No.L2-033, Level 2, Commercial Development Of MetroTown, Tseung Kwan O (852) 2207-0153
Tseung Kwan O Po Lam Shopping Centre Shop Nos.316-320, 3/F, Po Kan House, Po Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, N.T. (852) 2704-4050
Tseung Kwan O TKO Gateway (Hau Tak Shopping Centre) Shop E033-E034, G/F, East Wing, TKO Gateway (Hau Tak Shopping Centre), Hau Tak Estate, Sheung Ning Road,Tseung Kwan O, Sai Kung (852) 2706-0143
Tseung Kwan O Sheung Tak Shopping Centre Shop Nos. 107 and 108, First Floor Commercial/Car Park Block (also known as Sheung Tak Shopping Centre) Sheung Tak Estate, 2 Tong Ming Street, Tseung Kwan O (852) 2798-9781
Tseung Kwan O King Lam Shopping Centre 3A Shop 3A, G/F, King Lam Shopping Centre, King Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O (852) 2705-2013
Tseung Kwan O Plaza Shop No. 1-027, Level 1, Tseung Kwan O Plaza, No. 1 Tong Tak Street,Tseung Kwan O (852) 2715-3013
Tseung Kwan O Ming Tak Shopping Centre Shop No. 32, G/F., Ming Tak Shopping Centre, Ming Tak Estate, Tseung Kwan O (852) 2702-3268
Tsui Lam Estate,Sau Lam House Shop No. 103 & 104, G/F Sau Lam House, Tsui Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories (852) 2387-0172
Tseung Kwan O Metro City Phase I Shop Nos. G64-67 & G74-75 on the Ground floor, Metro City Phase 1, 1 Wan Hang Road, Tseung Kwan O (852) 2191-0310
Tseung Kwan O Nan Fung Plaza Shop No. B222, Level 1, Nan Fung Plaza, Tseung Kwan O (852) 3514-9818
Tseung Kwan O Pop Walk 2 Shop no. 123, 1/F., PopWalk 2, Tseung Kwan O (852) 2148-2356
Tseung Kwan O Choi Ming Shopping Centre Shop No. 212, Second Floor, Choi Ming Shopping Centre, 1 Choi Ming Street, TKO (852) 2988-5009

Islands District

Store Name Address Contact no.
Tung Chung Yat Tung Shopping Centre Shop Nos. 209-210, Yat Tung Shopping Centre, Yat Tung Estate, Lantau Island (852) 3152-3501
Tung Chung Caribbean Bazaar Shop Nos16-17, Podium 1/F, Caribbean Bazaar, Tung Chung (852) 2162-5641
Tung Chung Tung Chung Crescent Shops 14 & 15, G/F, Tung Chung Crescent II, Tung Chung (852) 3147-4038
Lantau Island Discovery Bay Plaza Shop Nos. 131-132, 1/F., Block C, Discovery Bay Plaza, Discovery Bay,Lantau Island (852) 2987-1041
Tung Chung Century Link Shop No. G04, Ground Floor, Century Link, Tung Chung (852) 2461-2902
Cheung Chau The Whole of the Building, No. 40 Praya Street, Cheung Chau (852) 2320-0139


Store Name Address Contact no.
Avenida do Ouvidor Arriaga 74 Avenida do Ouvidor Arriaga, 74 R/C A, Edf. Kam Ma, Macau (853) 2852-9171
Rua de Manuel de Arriaga 5 Rua de Manuel de Arriaga, 5 R/C A, Edf. Hang Long, Macau (853) 2855-4706
Avenida do Almirante Lacerda Fairmont Plaza Avenida do Almirante Lacerda 87 R/C B, Fairmont Plaza, Macau (853) 2826-5946
Avenida de Artur Tamagnini Barbosa Edf. Da Ming Court Avenida de Artur Tamagnini Barbosa, 45 R/C M, Edf. Da Ming Court, Macau (853) 2840-3494
Estrada da Areia Preta PARKnSHOP Superstore Areia Preta Estrada da Areia Preta, 44 Edf. Lei Fung, PARKnSHOP Superstore, Macau (853) 2852-0374
PRAÇA Kin Heng Long Zona Nova de Aterros do Porto Exterior Rua de Roma, 45 R/C C, PRAÇA Kin Heng Long, Macau (853) 2850-8370
Pátio do Bonzo Pátio do Bonzo 2A-2B, Rua da Praia do Manduco 45 R/C, Edf. Yek Kuan, Macau (853) 2896-2869
Rua de Viseu Taipa Rua de Viseu 214-240, Avenida de Kwong Tung 199-241, Rua de Braga 144-178, Rua de San Tau 145-185, R/C, Edf. Hong Ip, Taipa Macau (853) 2886-0092
Edifício Chun Leong Taipa Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen 288-350, R/C, Edifício Chun Leong, Taipa, Macau (853) 2885-6506